Allingham Machining Inc. is a Canadian CNC machine shop that is dedicated to machining in tool steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel and stainless-steel components. It specializes in manufacturing guide rollers and other spare and consumable parts for the equipment used in steel mills today, as well as other custom machined parts for the steel, machinery and manufacturing industries.

Using advanced technology along with a keen eye and traditional craftmanship enables us to supply the ultimate output in precision. Our custom design team can fabricate products to your special requirements while giving you the best overall economic solution for any application.

Our Commitment To Privacy: We take customer privacy seriously and do not sell or give out any customer information. We do not keep a mailing list nor distribute a newsletter.

AMI’s Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement


At AMI, we manufacture high quality products for our customers in competitive manufacturing market where precision is an essential requirement.

At AMI, we always try to make everything better than yesterday with our latest technologies and hardworking workforce.

"We believe in building organized outcome with precision plus integrity."

Core values


Leadership in AMI is all about growing together by helping each other and finish the race as one. It is never been authorized to motivate someone as a leader. We always work together and will grow together.

Customer satisfaction

A happy customer with our services makes us richer, not by funds but consider it as healthy relationship. To match the customer’s expectation, we optimize our services at its maximum tolerance limit.


Our Integrity with clients helps to build relation with customers. Our transparency with customers and workforce makes general operations much easier in such a manner that company’s moral principles can never be offended.